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Some Vitamins and Minerals Can Be Harmful

Some Vitamins Can Be Harmful

In a time when vitamin companies are making multivitamins with “mega doses” of more vitamins, it may be surprising to learn that more is not always better . . . in fact, it can be harmful to your health. Some vitamin enthusiasts think that by definition a “vitamin or mineral” must be safe.  Not true.

There are “toxicities” for everything, including essential vitamins and minerals.  There is also a substantial amount of research confirming worse health outcomes with some vitamins. And some of these bad results with vitamins differed by race or ethnicity.

Vitamin E Can Cause Cancer?

Vitamin E has been the subject of a large amount of research into whether it helps or causes cancer. In 2004, an analysis of vitamin E research looked at over 130,000 people and found that those that took 400 IU (the most common supplement dose) or higher, had an overall higher risk of dying from any health

cause. Vitamin E supplements were also shown to significantly increase the risk of prostate cancer in healthy men.  A more recent study from 2019 showed evidence that vitamin E “promotes DNA damage and cell transformation” that could explain the increased risk for prostate cancer.  Given that African Americans have the highest death rate of any racial/ethnic group in the United States (including prostate cancer), why would you take a vitamin that potentially increases these risks?

Unlike most other multivitamins, Sequence Multivitamins for African Americans has NO vitamin E.

Selenium May Increase Your Risk for Prostate Cancer

Like vitamin E, selenium has also been implicated in the increased risk for some cancers, particularly prostate cancer. A study in 2018 noted concerns of a “higher incidence of high-grade prostate cancer and type 2 diabetes in participants with selenium supplementation.”  African Americans have the HIGHEST incidence of prostate cancer and type 2 diabetes of any racial or ethnic group in America. 

Sequence Multivitamins for African Americans has NO selenium.

Vitamin K Promotes Blood Clotting

Vitamin K is important for normal blood clotting but African Americans have a dramatically increased risk to form abnormal blood clots.  Vitamin K is used to promote blood clotting but doesn’t make sense to give to a population with a well-established history of too much blood clotting.  The clotting of blood in the heart leads to a heart attack, clots in the brain cause a stroke, clots in the legs can break free and potentially cause a fatal pulmonary embolism. If you have a bleeding problem, vitamin K is completely safe. If you have a clotting problem, like many African Americans, extra vitamin K is not the solution. 

Sequence Multivitamins for African Americans has NO vitamin K.

Take a Multivitamin That Considers Your Genetic Risks

It is important to take a multivitamin that both helps and doesn’t hurt.  If your multivitamin has vitamin E, selenium, and/or vitamin K, you should consider the potential risk if you are African American.

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