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Vitamins and minerals serve a vital role in human function.  They form the pivotal links for a number of living processes. In short, we cannot live a healthy life without them.  How much vitamins we need has been the topic of much debate, and varies according to our diet and genetics.  Doctors learn in school about vitamin overdoses or “toxicities” and how to recognize them based on the patient's symptoms.  Nutritional companies continue to push out multivitamins that have more vitamins “packed” into each dose.  Mega-multivitamins and super-multivitamins fill the shelves!  

But more is not always better.

The logic of assuming that if some is good, more is better fails in every instance pertaining to the body.  Anything the body takes in has a limit.  Even too much water can lead to certain death!  Think of cooking as an example.  When baking a traditional cake, the proportions of the ingredients needed are essential. You need flour, eggs, milk, sugar, etc. . . . in the correct proportions.  You wouldn’t use a cup of flour with 20 eggs! The same is true of multivitamins.  If a good amount of a vitamin is healthy, much more doesn’t make you live forever.  There is a “sweet-spot” for recipes . . . and vitamins and minerals. 

Some researchers believe that consistently getting too much of a vitamin may not be safe. Some vitamins are potentially more dangerous than others and need to be carefully dosed.  Other vitamins, based on the person’s genetics, are under-replaced because they have a higher need.

At VitaCode, LLC, we believe people need tailored amounts of each vitamin based on their diet, genetic/family history, and published population data. That's why we developed our line of "Sequence Multivitamins" developed to consider your genetic nutritional needs. Throwing the same multivitamin at all men under age 60 across a world of genetics, diets, and exposures is not the answer.

Our first phase of production was to develop a vitamin for the African American community because of their uniquely different vitamin needs coupled with significantly increased health challenges. Vitamin D deficiency, which has been linked to an array of poor health outcomes including heart disease, stroke, infections, and a number of cancers, has widespread deficiency in African Americans. 

Most of the vitamin D we get is from the sun.  People in urban areas and those who stay indoors more have much higher vitamin D needs. Another major source of vitamin D is fortified milk, but the vast majority of African Americans are also lactose intolerant and avoid milk. Therefore the "ideal" multivitamin for African Americans would have a much higher vitamin D content.

Sequence Multivitamins take a new approach to multivitamin supplements . . . more of what you need, and less (or none) of what you don’t need. As we thoughtfully develop our market, we will expand our offering to other communities.  Thanks for visiting and becoming a part of “the VitaCode story.”

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