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Who Developed Sequence?

The VitaCode Story


Greg Hall, MD, is a primary care physician practicing in Cleveland, Ohio for over 25 years. Dr. Hall’s extensive research in the care of African Americans led to the development of a multivitamin designed to best supplement African American needs.  He established VitaCode, LLC, and began selling Sequence Multivitamins as a landmark in next generation nutraceuticals. Sequence Multivitamins are not just another multivitamin made by a Black-owned company; the formulation is uniquely different from all other multivitamins.  Sequence Multivitamins address the research-confirmed vitamin and mineral deficiencies seen in countless clinical studies. By recognizing the unique supplement needs of African Americans, including more vitamin D, C, and certain minerals, as well as recognizing the potential harm that other vitamins may pose like vitamin E, he was able to establish a multivitamin that best serves the Black community.

In addition to heading VitaCode, LLC, the maker of Sequence Multivitamins, Dr. Hall founded the National Institute for African Americans Health (NIAAH), which mentors young, Black pre-medical and medical students as they work toward becoming doctors. NIAAH also educates medical providers on best practices when treating African American patients.

You can’t cover the world of genetics, diets, lifestyle, gender and race with one multivitamin. That is NOT THE ANSWER

At Sequence, we believe people need tailored amounts of each vitamin based on their diet, family history, and published population data. That's why we developed our line of "Sequence Multivitamins" that consider your genetic nutritional needs.


He is the author of “Patient Centered Clinical Care for African Americans: A Concise, Evidence-Based Guide to Important Differences and Better Outcomes.” The book, written for medical providers and the first of its kind, gives best practices in the clinical care for African Americans.

Dr. Greg Hall has a dual appointment on the teaching faculty at Northeast Ohio Medical University College of Medicine as Associate Professor of both Internal Medicine and Integrative Medical Sciences.  He also has an Assistant Clinical Professor appointment at CWRU School of Medicine.  

In 2002, Dr. Hall received a governor’s appointment to the Ohio Commission on Minority Health and served as Chairman until the fall of 2018.  He also serves on Ohio Medicaid’s Medical Care Advisory Committee.

Through years of research, study, and medical practice, Dr, Greg Hall found his purpose — bridging the gap between health and the African American community.