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The true answer to that question is complicated and ranges from different vitamin needs based on published research outcomes to a different health and disease risk landscape for African Americans.  Designing the best multivitamin for a community requires a close examination of the community and its "inner diversity."  All African Americans are not the same, yet developing a multivitamin for this diverse community of descendants of slaves and first generation immigrants (and everything in between) is a great improvement over ignoring obvious and unmistakable differences in vitamin needs. 

Just as cancer or heart disease can run in a family, there are an array of increased and decreased health risks associated with being a member of the African American family. Tailoring a multivitamin for African Americans that maximizes the benefit and minimizes the risk is a critically important mission.

Sequence multivitamins were carefully designed by an African American physician to have more vitamin D, magnesium, potassium, and zinc due to published data that shows African Americans disproportionately have lower levels of these important substances.  We also purposefully decreased, or eliminated, the amount of other substances that data show African Americans were likely better off not having. It is that simple . . . more of what African Americans' need and less (or none) of what they don't need.   

Sequence Multivitamin and Minerals will revolutionize the vitamin industry!